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Curtain Call for Pam Anderson
By Celebrity Blogger
Published on 12/12/2007
The 40-year-old pin-up topped the list on AOL.

Pam's Curtain Call

It was the final night at the exclusive Las Vegas engagement of Hans Klok’s “The Beauty of Magic” - meaning it was curtain call time for magician’s assistant Pamela Anderson.


After spending Friday night cozying up with Criss Angel at LAX nightclub, the Baywatch babe went back to work one last time - doing her best to give paying guests their money’s worth.


According to press reports, “The 40-year-old pin-up topped the list on AOL, with the website’s editors giving her the top honor for taking ‘bodacious to a new level’.”  If it were up to me, she would continue to make episodes of Baywatch.  I could watch her run on the beach for the rest of my life.