Sun and Sin -
How to win a wet t-shirt contest
By Missi Gfunk
Published on 04/10/2007
If you are going for a sinful holiday somewhere it is likely that you will find the possibility to participate in a wet t-shirt contest. But it is no fun only participating, how do you win?

Wet t-shirt contests
What is a wet tee shirt contest?
Wet tee shirt contests are like any other beauty contest shows, really only it's a lot more naughty! This is a ladies only contest resembling the 'wet boxer short' contests for men. The women wear tee shirts of light colour (generally white) without bras inside. Thus, when water is sprayed on them (the 'wet' part comes in here) the tees becomes translucent or transparent. Since erect nipples are a sign of arousal, therefore the water sprayed on the participating girls is often cold to bring about such an effect. Though such contests are eponymous beauty contests, they often transform from their original format into a form of strip tease or erotic dancing. The purpose of such shows is to induce sexual arousal among the spectators. Many women often take off their clothing appearing completely naked or semi nude to add to the effect. They often also make suggestive gestures like kissing and touching other participants.
Where do such contests take place?
Such contest can take place anywhere from the friendly neighbourhood pubs to (believe it or not!) the cockpit of an aeroplane. The last mentioned incident became the source of a huge controversy. However, such contests are not illegal and can take place anywhere with willing participants and spectators. These contests are often filmed and distributed through the Internet or using MMS in cellular phones. So you can always watch through other media even if you are not present. There is no such option for the ambitious ladies who want to participate.
History: How did it all start?
It is generally believed that wet tee shirts became popular after Jacqueline Bisset's appearance in the film The Deep. In this 1977 movie, she is seen swimming in a white tee shirt and resurfacing in her transparent and revealing apparel. There is another claimant however. The notorious magazine Playboy supposedly published photographs of participants in a wet tee shirt contest, which was a promotional gimmick for the K2 ski tour in 1969.
How to win it?
It must be remembered that taking part in such sexually explicit or daring or whichever way you choose to label it, is not everyone's cup of tea. It is not for women who are shy and/or feel discomfited by strangers staring at their bodies. Many women as well, as men feel outraged by such contest and hold them unethical and immoral. Since the purpose of such contest is to attract attention to the bodies of the participants, anybody feeling uncomfortable should not take part. You are after all judged by your capacity to arouse and titillate the watching audience. It is because of this that women strip completely or make sensual gestures. If you have no problem with attracting attention to your body and are willing to expose, then this should not be a problem for you. In fact for daring, sexy ladies winning a wet tee shirt contest is merely cakewalk!