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Skimpy thongs from Wicked Weasel
Published on 01/4/2008
Famous microkini manufacturer Wicked Weasel now also sells underwear.

Micro thongs from Wicked Weasel
Wicked Weasel is the famous micro bikini brand from Sydney, Australia. But they are not only content with selling the most minimal bikinis available. Now they have started producing "knickers" as well, but this is not knickers as you know it, their take on it is to make it as micro as possible.

Wicked Weasel fans everywhere surely must be satisfied now, you can take off your skimpy micro bikini and put on a micro thong instead, how convenient! Unfortunelately these thongs are a bit too racy to be shown on this family oriented site, but you get the idea!

The thongs range from $12-25 and is shipped worldwide.