Sun and Sin -
How to win a skimpy bikini contest (pics)
Published on 01/5/2008

How to grab that prize? Tips & hints.

Tips & hints

Though such contests are eponymous beauty contests, they often transform from their original format into a form of strip tease or erotic dancing. The more skin you show, the better. They often also make suggestive gestures like kissing and touching other participants. You really have to give everything to win a skimpy bikini contest. It is not enough to be beautiful, you have to be outgoing, active & flirt with the audience.

Help! How can I win the next skimpy bikini contest?

There's no guarantee, but the three step S-HEE-T method is worth a try:

S- Smile and show teeth

You are having fun, remember? When you are having fun, the audience are having fun. It's simple social psychology, no one wants to watch a bored bikini contestant, so make sure to smile and be happy and the audience will be too. You get your payback when the judges places their marks on your performance.

HEE- High heels

Walking on high heels gives you a better posture and your legs and body will look better, but make sure you can walk on those heels! If not it will only look stupid.

T-Dark tan

A well tanned body show off your features in a better way and hides spots and bruises.

SHEET.. you can do it!
You are after all judged by your capacity to arouse and titillate the watching audience. It is because of this that some women strip completely or make sensual gestures. If you have no problem with attracting attention to your body and are willing to expose, then this should not be a problem for you. In fact for daring, sexy ladies winning a skimpy bikini contest is merely a cakewalk!