Sun and Sin -
I'm lovin it when my girlfriend wears tiny string bikinis
By Don Domath
Published on 01/5/2008
Don Domath is back again to set the record straight.

Beach life with a string bikini girlfriend

- Why are you letting your girl walk around like a slut man? My friend Robert had the nerve to ask me such a question this summer. We had the pleasure of enjoying life with a beer at a beach bar while our girlfriends were soaking up the sun at the beach.

I was a bit offended by the question, even though he said it with a smile. But after some thinking I gave him some answers.

1. She got the body for it
Just look at that body, less fat than a package of diet-bacons and a perfect hourglass body.

She can wear any swimwear she like and look good in it, so of course she can wear a tiny string bikini!

2. Tanlines
Tanlines is an important bit of the itsy bitsy sexy bikini phenomenon: The smaller the bikini, the smaller the tanlines, where as a huge bathing suit tanline is pretty nasty, I find the small stringy tanlines from a little bikini very very sexy.

3. She is proud of her body
She has worked hard for the body so why can't she show it off. It's a rat race among the women at the beach, they all secretly glance at each other to see who got the best body. A tiny string bikini show the other girls that she is content with her body and not afraid to show it off.

4. It's me that walks her home at the end of the day
It's allright and perfectly fine to be sexy at the beach. When you are in a stable relationship you do not worry that someone is enjoying to grab a few glances of your significant other. It all comes down to trust and understanding of each others needs.

5. She is Brazilian
It's part of the culture, stupid!

Robert apologized and ordered 2 new beers.