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The 5 rules of skinny dipping
By K S
Published on 01/9/2008

Rules of skinny dipping

Skinny dipping can be something to laugh about, something to remember or something to regret, but it is not something that can be planned. It happens late at night when you are drunk as a skunk, so please try to remember these skinny dipping rules: 

1. If you are only men, don't do it.
It is too gay.

2. If you are only women. Do it.
It is acceptable. Females can flirt, kiss and be nude together without becoming lesbians or being joked about.

3. Don't take a crap in the pool.
It's a matter of respect towards your fellow skinny dippers. Fart bubbles should also be avoided.

4. Laugh about shrinkage
Yes, the water is cold. Use it as an explanation of your shortcomings.

5. Don't be the creep
At least try to maintain eye contact.

That's it, enjoy!