Sun and Sin -
10 hot clubbing outfits for party girls and part-time models
By Don Domath
Published on 01/11/2008

Wanna be the center of the party? With a hot outfit you are half way there.

Wanna be the center of the party? With a hot outfit you are half way there.

In the not so distant past I had the pleasure of dating a part time model, it's 2 years and 4 months ago actually.
She was not the kind of model you see in the magazines, but she made some money doing apperances on night clubs. It is no secret that a bunch of sexy blondes in skimpy outfits is important when the high net worth men need to decide which night club to choose for drinking premium cognac and champagne.

Anyway, an important part of the job of a part-time model was to choose the right outfit, and I came to think of this story when I noticed Double Take Fashionz' clubbing outfits range. Here are 10 outfits that will make men twist their neck:

1. Metallic silver outfit

2. Hugger tube dress

Double Take's Hugger Tube Dress is made from 100% 4 Way Stretch Lycra & available in 18 colors.

3. Sheer Roulette dress

Sheer materials have always been popular in the part-time model circuit.

4. Free your hips

Cut-out hips makes a very bold statement in da club!

5. Ultra mini dress


6. Show off the abs

This red dress is not something for the pear shaped girlfriend.

7. Twist & shout

A dress that is not exactly easy on the eyes.

8. Hello there

The dresses are best worn with an attitude. I think!

9. A respectable alternative

This one actually looks pretty decent.

10. Going to the health club?

Sporty fitness studioesque dress.

The various clubbing outfits of Double Take are sold online in the $20-40 price range.