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2007' s Quietest Bikini Contest Ever in the South Padre Islands!
By Tammy Morgan
Published on 01/23/2008
This is the first Bikini contest where the D.J. constantly has to prod the audience into making some NOISE! 2007 Spring Break Bikini Contest in South Padre Islands.

Shhh You may wake up the folks in the audience!

This is the quietest Spring Break Bikini Contest I've ever seen.  I was actually gettin' a kick out of Fergie singing "Fergalicious".  The poor D.J. kept having to prod folks along into "Making some noise" for these poor ladies who obviously needed some help in the dance department.  Some of the ladies barely made it onto the stage.  Frightened to death, they just came up the steps and started dancing (if you can call it that).  It was kind of funny because they all kind of did that same little dance "roll the hips, turn around, roll the hips turn around, roll the hips now turn the other way"

If I'm not mistaken, it looks like the Bikini Contest was sponsored by the National Guard?  Hey this may be one of the few times they get to go away and drink themselves silly!  That's why they're so quiet...they're all hammered into a slumber.  "Make some Noise!"