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Wet T-Shirt contest in Cairns, Australia
By Tammy Morgan
Published on 01/24/2008
Wet T-Shirt contestant from Australia has trouble keeping her shirt on!

Get Your Hands off my Shirt!
(Video removed)

Apparently this girl is having problems not with the men in the club, it's her lady-friend!  She's constantly grabbing at her T-Shirt and trying to get her to take it off.  She should tell her to take her own T-Shirt off and keep her hands off of mine!

I mean really...the girl is trying to dance and here's this other girl just picking away at her.  She nearly pulled it off the first time and seeing what her reaction was should have been enough for her...but noooo she was probably drunk and didn't notice the sheer look of horror on her face when her shirt almost came off the first time.  Since she missed the first look of terror, she decided she'd keep right on trying!  The moral of the attention! And stop trying to pull folks' clothes off when they clearly don't want you to.  I can do that for myself thank-you-very-much!