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How'd You Like to Have a Razor Gator Themed Spring Break???
By Tammy Morgan
Published on 01/25/2008
Yeah, I know...I didn't believe it either until I saw it with my own eyes! And as I listened carefully to the video...there it was...The Razor Gator Theme Song! Coming to you from Panama City, FL.

Razor Gator Does Spring Break 2007

It's when you think you've seen everything that you are amazingly surprised at some of the things you just haven't seen before nor want to see again.  Not that this is a bad thing...but a "Razor Gator" themed Spring Break?  At first, I didn't even know what a Razor Gator was!  For those of us who don't know, it's a disposable razor cleaning tool. Yep, that's it.

Looks like everyone had a nice time. Nope no debauchery here, just tons of young people sporting their razor cleaning tools in their swimming trunks and suits.  Man, if my parents knew that was the kind of spring break I was going to end up having, they would have been ashamed and truly disappointed that I wasn't lying on some beach somewhere disoriented and drunk like NORMAL people, but hanging out with the Razor Gator Crew...I would make up a fake spring break story to cover my butt on this one.

True Vs False

Hey what'd you do for spring break? False: Aww man, we got stupid drunk and I met this hot guy and we hung out all night, he gave me his number and turns out he actually goes to school close to me...
True: I spent my spring break singing along to a cheesy song called "Razor Gator."..and speaking of Razor Gator, I kept that thing on me like they were paying me...hmmm, yep, I sang a song about a razor cleaning tool.  Sheesh! Look at the video and you tell me...who's the tool?

Looks like everyone had just an awesome time, me and my Razor Gator!