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- Our one-piece String and the Slingshot bathing suits are for women who want to be acceptably outrageous
By K S
Published on 01/25/2008

Double Take Microwear sells bikinis and swimsuits to the bold and beautiful.

Interview with Susan from Double Take Microwear

Double Take Microwear is a company who sells outragously tiny bikinis to attention loving babes all over the world. Unfortunelately they have no men's range so "boy babes" have to make do with their Speedos for now. We had an e-mail correspondence with Susan who owns the company.

- Who are your customers?

Our customers are women that want to feel beautiful, stylish, and sexy. Our customers are men who want their wife, girlfriend, or maybe even their secretary to look hot. Our customers are the internet shoppers who are surfing the net looking to discover the newest trend in sexy chic fashion. Our customers are women traveling to exotic beach paradises and looking to buy a sexy outfit to make men’s eyes ogle at them.

- How did you get started? began in Ontario, Canada in 1999 with the first micro design. Double Take has since moved to Central Wisconsin after being acquired by Susan Fenhaus, creator and designer of popular and sexy clothing. The company has been growing daily since introducing the ‘Invisible Bikini.’ This tiny string bikini exposes the splendor of the female body and makes a fashion statement at the same time. The

Invisible Bikini has been hugely popularized around the world after Double Take began shipping to clients in the South of France and Mykonos Island.

- Why no men's range?

- Don’t be discouraged our design department is continuously developing new fashions. We are in the process of test marketing some of our sexy clothing exclusively for men and will soon announce their availability.

Of course you can visit to get the latest news on our always expanding clothing line. And visit our gallery of Double Take Micro Wear Models.

- Your most minimal designs, do you know of anyone wearing this for public beaches?

You can see for yourself when visiting the glorious beaches of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe. Our customers are bona fide trendsetters. They are fashion leaders. They like looking sexy and they like to be looked at. Our customers buy our swim wear to wear. Our Mini Micro Bikinis and our String Bikinis are designed to be worn by ladies who want tender loving care. Our one-piece String and the Slingshot bathing suits are for women who want to be acceptably outrageous. And if you really want to show-off your stuff – the Invisible Bikini is for the bold and brave. Women are wearing Double Take Designs everywhere. When you visit our website you will see for yourself. Many of our shoppers send pictures to be posted on our website.

Photos of 2 of the more acceptable designs