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The Margarita Wrestling Girls Spring Break 2007
By Tammy Morgan
Published on 01/30/2008
This is one way to model those nice new bikinis!

I Wanna Be a Hot Margarita Wrestling Girl When I Grow Up!

Oh yeah, it's on's spring break 2007 in San Felipe Mexico and the Margarita Wrestling Girls are going at it American Gladiator style in this "babe-fight" to the finish video with "Hawk" as the annnouncer. He says at the beginning that he "Stole a video camera from the production crew" yeah, right.

Rounds 1-4

I'll sum up all four rounds by saying that the bikinis are quite cute! I'd wear one! I'd especially sport that lime green one. Basically this looks like they took the event quite seriously which I liked actually. When I saw that first move, "Giddy-up" the girl in the blue bikini getting tossed and dunked on her butt right away...I was thinking yeah now that's what profession I should have picked...forget this other stuff, I wanna be a Margarita Wrestling Girl!!

I Got My Butt Kicked For Spring Break!
Can you imagine writing home with that news? It was all in fun actually...or was it? These ladies took this bout pretty seriously as they clawed and whipped each other into a bikini clad frenzy. Plus with names like "Sunset Suzie" from the Hollywood Starlets and "Giddy-up" from the Dallas Debutantes, how could you not be taken seriously? Especially with The Hollywood Starlets' signature move "The Earthquake" being used right out the box? All they needed was a bar of soap and these ladies would have had a clean fight. Okay, I'll stop. Hey, it looked fun!