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10 sexy(?) outfits your mother would not approve
Published on 02/4/2008
- What the h*** are you wearing! Go get changed now!

Get lost mother! I'm wearing it anyway!
A collection of photos from Flickr where an average mother is likely to shout "objection!"

Edited in August 2008: Some of these were way too trashy to be shown online. Taken down.

1. The skirt is too small, her panties are showing.

2. You have to dress properly to a pimp & ho party!

3. Dressing for work: Betelnut girls

"Betelnut girls (Binlang Xi Shi) are a unique part of Taiwan culture. They sit in brightly-decorated glass booths wearing skimpy outfits, and sell cigarettes, drinks and betelnut to passing drivers. It’s a controversial trade but not actually illegal."

4. Working as promo girls for Pacha night club in Ibiza

5. Unfit wrestlers in Mongolia

6. Dressing appropriately for a night club visit

7. Getting dressed for a night club visit 

8. A suitable prom dress?

9. Ripped outfit

"I love her ripped outfit and the way she's holding me so gently. It looks like the Hulk tore off most of her clothes, and then decided that instead of killing her, he would give her a job promoting his video game. Smart decision! "

10. Who's the guy?