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Published on 03/31/2007
Albufeira Girls
Albufeira is the tourist capital of Portugal's Algarve coast. The destination is extremely popular among the British sun- and funseekers.


Albufeira at night
Albufeira is the tourist capital of
Portugal and has some of the most spectacular beaches. It is a 2000 year old town that will not cease to surprise you with its splendor, charm, and people.



Albufeira is the holiday destination for everyone and there no specific age groups. People from various age groups and nationalities or countries visit Albufeira during the season and also in off season. Every one from retired couples to honeymooners, families, teenagers and young children come here to have their share of sun, sand and fun.



Albufeira is a popular holiday destination not only because of the beach but also because it has a pleasant climate where the temperatures vary from 7.35 °C to 31.2 ºC.



You can reach Albufeira by air as it is connected to two major airports – Faro Airport (29 miles) and Lisbon Airport (160 miles). Faro airport is the nearest of the two and you can hire a taxi from here, which will take you to Albufeira for approximately €40. 



There are many good Restaurants and Bars along Albufeira strip. There are good discs in the old town and the strip. Most night clubs are open till 6am and the Vegas bar is one such place that offers live music. Libero is a vibrant nightclub that offers live music. The strip generally attracts more youths while the old town is appealing to mixed group of people and generally over the age of 28.


Local beer

There are many local beer brands available in Albufeira and among them the Sagres and the Super Bock are the most popular.


Boy/Girl ratio

Albufeira is quite safe for women although women need to be cautious about their belongings, which include passports and jewelry.

What to eat

Albufeira caters to an international audience as far as tourism is concerned but most restaurants serve Cataplana and Chicken piri-piri. Sea food is a popular item on the menus and there are a few restaurants that cater to international cuisines as well. Some of the good restaurants include Restaurant Capoeira, Carrousel, Cacho Dourado, Bomgarpo restaurante and Bar, Blue Sky Restaurant, and Bella Pasta Gelateria.


The beach

Albufeira beaches are spectacular and boast of fine sand and turquoise blue waters of the sea. All this is sheltered by cliffs and hues of natural colors. Some of the great beaches here include:

São Rafael and Vigia: They are great beaches, which are separated by rock formations. You can visit some of the most fascinating rock formations at Ponte Pequena and Ninho das Andorinhas.

Falesia: This beach offers miles and miles of fine sand kissing the sea. It is surrounded by green pines and red rock cliffs.

Oura, Balaia, Maria Luísa and Olhos de Agua: These are a series of beaches and each one of them is sheltered by colorful cliffs. There are tourist and water sport facilities available for fun and enjoyment.

Coelha: It is a small beach located between the red rock cliffs and is a place full of tranquility.