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8 ways to save money for spring break
Published on 02/8/2008

A little sacrifice now can go a long way later.

Spring break is coming up, some money saving tips

A little sacrifice now can go a long way later. Save some money now to help you afford to get properly drunk and make a fool of yourself later.

1. Use your piggy bank
Dig out that piggy bank or use a jar to collect your change at the end of every day. You’ll be surprised at how much it can add up to at the end of a couple of months.

2. Opt for cheap entertainment
Skip a movie out and opt for renting videos at home. Add the cash you save to your vacation fund. Instead of buying the latest can’t-live-without-it music CD, get a friend to burn you a copy of theirs.

3. Make your own food
Pack your lunches for school and work. Don’t buy a bunch of pre-packaged convenience foods to pack because these are expensive too. Figure out how much money you’ve saved at the end of each week and write yourself a check for your savings.

4. eBay
Forget a trip to the mall and check out ebay or thrift shops for gently used clothes. You can use the money you save now to buy a sizzling bikini for your trip later or to upgrade to a better hotel room.

5. Delay major purchases
Avoid any major purchases until after your vacation. Really, your laptop will hold out for another six months and you can live with your couch for a little bit longer.

6. No soup for you
Drive by the drive-thru. When you get tempted to hit the local burger joint or taco restaurant – reconsider. Eating at home will not only add to your vacation savings but it will also save you calories (providing you eat something healthy). Steering clear of carry-out meals will fatten your wallet while keeping you slim for your trip.

7. Give up your everyday luxuries
Give up some extras for awhile. Buddy up with a girlfriend to give each other manicures instead of shelling out the money to a nail tech. Lay out in the sun instead of hitting the tanning salon. If you use a laundry service, get a little domesticated and wash your own clothes – it really isn’t that challenging. Giving up these services may be tough but just keep in mind that it’s only for a little while.

8. Resell those textbooks
If you’re a college student, don’t forget to cash in on reselling your textbooks. If you can’t sell them back to your bookstore, list them on You can also post bulletins at school listing the books you have available.

You deserve a break from the busy demands of your life to rejuvenate and refuel. With a little thriftiness you can make it happen. Just save and stay focused.