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Paola Corvea: "String bikinis are the way to go!"
Published on 03/24/2008
Sun & Sin talks to Maxim's sex & relationship expert about expensive drinks, vacations and bikinis.

Interview with Paola Corvea

Paola Corvea is a Columbian model living in Miami Beach, Florida. She has recently been appointed sex advisor for Maxim's Hispanic edition. Sun & Sin had the pleasure of talking to her about the more important aspects of life:

- Where will you travel for your next vacation?
- My next vacation will be in Europe. Spain and Italy. If you never been to Europe I highly recommend it. It's a different world.

- What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?
- It was a shot of Johhny Walker Blue label. $35 for a shot!!! It was at a trendy lounge in Manahattan, New York City. NEVER again!!

- .. and where was the cheapest?
- The cheapest was in Cali, Colombia for $35 YOU GET AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF GREY GOOSE!!!

- What do you think about string bikinis for women?
- If the girl has the body for it... string bikini's are the way to go!!!

- What do you think about men in Speedos?
- Men in speedos are DISGUSTING!!!

You can read more about Paola Corvea at her Myspace page.

Do you think the interview lack photos? Here they are:

Photos used with permission from Paola Corvea.