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Dana Lemor is a sexy Israeli model
Published on 03/29/2008

Sun & Sin talks to the Israeli born model who has moved to Miami Beach to further her model career.

Dana talks about vacation plans, expensive drinks, string bikinis & speedos

Dana Lemor is an Israeli model who grew up in Florida for most of her life, and recently moved to Miami Beach to further her modeling career. Check her out on the cover of Roadrash magazine in April. Dana is one of Sun & Sin's Myspace friends, and she was happy to answer our questions:

- Where will you travel for your next vacation?
- I will go somewhere tranquil with lots of sandy beaches, such as St. Martins.

- What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?

- It was a Chateau d'Yquem $60 a glass at Fifth Floor, a restaurant in San Francisco. Hard to find by the glass, bottles go for $400!!

- .. and where was the cheapest?
- Jello shots and the ones that you don't pay for!

- What do you think about string bikinis?
- If you feel comfortable enough in your skin, you should go for it! I personally love them!

- What do you think about men in Speedos?

- Very unflattering!!

More photos and info about Dana Lemor can be found at her Myspace.