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Mei-ling is a sexy Tampa babe
Published on 03/31/2008

The Tampa hottie talks to Sun & Sin about $1300 champagne.

Myspacer Mei-Ling: Speedos are no good

Mei-Ling is a 22 year old woman from Tampa, Florida. She's a model with that sought-after "girl next door look." At the moment she's competing in Maxim's hometown hotties contest. Sun & Sin sent her a few important questions:

What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?
... cant remeber. all i remember is it was like 13 hundred dollars for the bottle and it was on a cruise ship

Champagne perhaps? ..And where was the cheapest?
local bar $1 well's (yuck)

What do you think about string/micro bikinis for women? i like them from suitsyouswimwear

What do you think about men in Speedos?
eek! soo good

What would you do with $1 000 000?
pay off all my bills and split it between my family and best friend

Where will you travel for your next vacation?

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All photos: Mei-Ling's myspace.