Sun and Sin -
LesleyB - Glamour model & dancer from Denmark
Published on 04/2/2008

No surprise: The 3rd best looking woman in Denmark (According to men's magazine M) doesn't buy her own drinks.

Photos and interview with LesleyB

LesleyB is a young glamour model and show dancer living in Copenhagen in Denmark. She was happy to answer a few questions:

Where will you travel for your next vacation?
- I am going to Ibiza summer 2008

What's the most expensive drink you have ever drunk?
- How would i know, when I get it for free :)

.. what about the cheapest?
- Free champange with red soda.

What do you think about string bikinis?
- its cool :) If the girl who wear's it, is nice

What do you think about men in Speedos?
- No go.

If you had been awarded 1 million dollars to give to a charity, which one would you choose?
- WSPA , Save the animals !

If you're visiting Denmark for one night and want a place to knock back some beers and meet some beautiful people, which club would you recommend?
- I would go the the club called LUUX. (Copenhagen & Odense).


More photos and info about LesleyB can be found at her Myspace page.