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How to finance your vacation: 5 ways to make money
Published on 05/6/2008

A little low on cash this summer? Here are some tips on how to scrape together some cash for your vacation.

Money making tips

Interested in making some money this summer? Your bank account empty and you need to finance your vacation?

5 suggestions:

1. Dog Walker

If you enjoy dogs, walking, and choosing your own pace then you may decide to try dog walking as a job. There are always plenty of busy and/or lazy people who want to insure their beloved pooches get the exercise they need. The more dogs you walk, the more money you make. This is perfect for anyone liking to walk and walk with a purpose.

Average pay rate: $10 to $50 per hour depending on the number of dogs walked per hour.

Pros: This is a fast paced job with changing scenery, the pay is directly affected by your effort, and you are keeping dogs healthy and happy.

Cons: Not all dogs like being walked by strangers or other dogs for that matter.

2. Take paid online surveys

Do you have like making money, have extra time, and have Internet access on a regular basis? Then taking surveys may be a perfect method for exploring your inner thoughts and shopping habits while making a few extra dollars. Taking surveys is gaining in popularity, and there is nothing like having your voice heard.

Average pay rate: From $15 to $50 depending on the survey content, length, and company.

Pros: Taking surveys can be profitable and is easy to do from the comfort of your own home. When you take surveys, you are having your voice heard.

Cons: Taking surveys is not a reliable, stable form of income. There's also lots of dodgy sites out there that will not pay.

3. Mowing lawns

If you like working with yards, providing your own cash flow dependant on your effort, and enjoy working around people, mowing lawns may be the perfect job for you. Mowing yards is a great outdoor career where your financial benefits are directly reliant on your direct efforts. There are always lawns to be mowed, and many young people choose mowing lawns as their first real job.

Average pay rate: From $25 to $100 per hour depending on the location and skill of the mower.

Pros: Mowing lawns is an outdoor job in a dynamic setting, and professional lawn care specialist can make a really good career choice.

Cons: Mowing lawns is seasonal depending on location, and mowing lawns can cause injury to the ears overtime due to the noise.

4. Blood donator

Do you have lots of blood to give for your career? Do you like making cold, hard cash for that blood? If you don’t mind sitting in one place for an hour or so, and do not have an aversion to needles, you can make good money donating blood. You get the benefits of working at your own pace, and almost anyone can donate blood.

Average pay rate: $10 to $25 per hour.

Pros: Decent pay for little work. No experience necessary.

Cons: If you have any form of disease or illness, or want a steady, full-time job, donating blood is not for you. Usually, there is a limit to how many times you can donate blood in a week.

5. Car washer

If you enjoy getting wet, cleaning other people’s vehicles, and seeing female co-workers in a free wet t-shirt contest, then you may be interested in exploring your future as a car washer. There are many companies paying minimum wage for employees who are not afraid of a little mud and water. Car washing is easy, and the fringe benefits make it all worthwhile.

Average pay rate: $4.25 to $7.25 depending on minimum wage in your state.

Pros: Nothing like having a free wet t-shirt contest everyday and in your workplace. The work is a reliable and steady source of income.

Cons: The pay sucks, and there is usually not a lot of work in the colder months.

That was a few tips to get your creativity started. More money making tips can be found over at Burt's money making machine.