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How to pull a fitness model
Published on 02/27/2009

Do you find female fitness models attractive? Here are a selection of tips that'll help you get one.

Tight, toned physiques, perfectly shaped booties and the most amazing breasts you’ve ever seen. There isn’t a straight guy in town that wouldn’t die to date a hot fitness model. Well, how do you find one?

Here, I have a few tips for you.

Hit the gymnasium

Where do they hang out most? Well, thankfully it’s an easy question. The gym! If you’re on the lookout for a stunning partner to get physical with the chances are you’ll find them in the gym.  I’m pretty certain you’ve already got a few tried and trusted pick up lines. Try this. Ask begin conversation about her training routine, how does she tone her abs and arms? Ask her for tips, how does she maintain her fitness?

Whatever you do, don’t let it be known you’re there for a sexy girl to take on a date. Don’t portray the sexual predator outlook by hanging around the ladies room in a shady manner. Find the girl you prefer the most and go for it with your most successful pick up strategy.

Visit friends in the gym

If the thought of training and working out makes you shiver don’t worry too much as there’s an alternative. You can visit someone you know. If you catch sight of a stunning girl ask her if she’s seen someone that you’re looking for. It’s a bad line I know but it’s a tried and tested conversation starter.

Try your luck at a seasonal sports festival

Stunning fitness models can be found everywhere. Especially at summer sports events, dressed in their skimpy clothing with sweat running in rivulets between their tanned breasts. Show off the sporty side of your personality and you might get allowed places most men aren’t.

Join a sports club

These women might be found in gyms more often than not, however, don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only place you’ll find them. If there’s a tennis or athletics club near you have a look. Join the club and impress them with your stamina and strength. During a lapse in action, lash your winning smile and see where it leads. Don’t stare too much though, you might just give the game away.

During the Date

Behind the hard, toned physique and perfectly shaped bodies these girls are no different to any other, they love to be treated well and pampered. Be spontaneous and unpredictable. Drive them wild with your fun loving care free attitude. Maybe rock climbing, abseiling or canoeing.

Don’t delay though guys, these girls don’t stay single for long. You have a small window of opportunity to get into the frame and make a lasting impression. Remember though, these girls are the most health and body conscious people on the planet. The chances are she’s looking for a guy with a body as perfect as hers. So, to avoid the big letdown you better get yourself in the gym and trim down. She wants to see them abs!