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How to save for your next holiday
Published on 03/6/2009

Times are tough and your wallet is empty. How on earth are you going to manage to save up for your next party holiday?

Smart money saving tips for holidayers.

There are lots of simple but effective ways to save money for your next holiday. A sacrifice here and a sacrifice there will soon mount up until you have a substantial amount of cash at your disposal. If at any time you feel the need to stray think of what’s at stake.

Photo: Untitled by Rodrigo Favera. CC-license.

Imagine yourself relaxing on a beach, catching the sun rays with a cocktail in one hand and a great novel in the other.Think of the nightlife you’ll experience, slipping on that sexy dress and heels and dancing the night away in the warm Caribbean air. Visualising like this helps to keep your temptations in check and ensures you stay motivated from the beginning to end.

Here I’ve listed some simple measures to ensure that holiday fund grows and grows.

1. Cook your own dinner.
Spend some time each morning and pack your own school or work lunch. Don’t be tempted to buy convenient pre packaged dinners. These are expensive and poor value for money. At the end of the week, jot down how much you’ve managed to save.

2. Cheap entertainment is good enough.
Skip a cinema visit and rent a movie to watch at home instead. Anything you save should be injected into your holiday fund.

3. Use a piggy bank.
Find and dust off that old piggy bank you last used as a child. At the end of each day drop your change in, it’ll soon build up. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save with this simple method.

4. Sell those books.
Here’s one for the students, cash in and save money by reselling your used and no longer needed text books. Alternatively, list them on eBay, there’s always someone in the country looking for them.

5. eBay works.
Instead of splashing the cash at the mall have a browse through eBay. Virtually everything you can buy at a bricks and mortor store can be purchased online through eBay at a fraction of the cost.

6. Skip takeaway
Do you really need to eat that takeaway? When the temptation to stop by the burgar bar surfaces ask yourself am I really that hungry? Eating a meal at home instead of out over a period of months will seriously affect the size of your holiday fund.

7. Delay big purchases
Avoid all the big buys until your super holiday has ended. That shiny new laptop or car will still be there when you get back. Is it really necessary to buy it and have it standing around while you’re out of the country for a fortnight?

7. Give up the luxuries
Instead of splashing out on manicures, pedicures or health spa visits get a friend round to help each other out. The tanning salon can be skipped too for most, lay out in the sun instead.

You of all people deserve this holiday. You just have to focus all your efforts and ensure you save enough money to really enjoy your time away.