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Be sensible! Here's how to stay safe in a night club
Published on 03/14/2009
Be sensible when going out and you'll avoid the cracked skull and the fines that tend to accumulate during spring break season.

Staying safe in a night club

There are a few simple yet effective common sense tips to bear in mind when you’re out on the town in a night club. Planning prior to going out goes a long way and helps ensure you have a fun and safe night.

Drinking When You’re Out
Without question the most important point to consider when you’re out at a club, pub or bar
is to keep hold of your drink and make sure it’s covered at all times. Never let a stranger buy you a drink. This is down to the recent rise in popularity of date rape drugs. They’re tasteless, colorless and odourless. You won’t even know you’ve drunk them until it’s too late.

Some of the common effects of these drugs include:

-Loss of body control, unconsciousness or even semi-consciousness
-Loss of all inhibition
-Dizziness and vomiting
-Confusion, Blackouts and Amnesia
-A slowed reaction time
-An euphoric feeling followed by a deep low

If at any time yourself or a friend experience these symptoms you must tell someone immediately. Keep hold of some of the drink for testing later as it’s against the law to give, buy or sell these drugs.

Alcohol is par for the course with going out on a night so it’s important to realise that consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will inhibit your ability to perceive and respond to danger. You mustn’t rely on your friends to bail you out of any dangerous situations by drinking beyond your manageable limit. Your safety is your priority and responsibility.

Protect Your Valuables
Keep valuables such as cash and keys tucked away out of site so you have a pre planned way of making your way home if you lose your friends at any time. Another sound piece of advice is to save the number of a reputable local taxi firm on your phone.

If you’re going out to a new venue make sure it’s with a friend you can trust who has been before. Safety in numbers is the key here. The world at night is a dangerous place, even for two girls whom attackers view as vulnerable and easy targets.

The vast majority of criminals will target your phone, purse, iPod or jewellery. Keep these on you at all times, or better yet, keep them at home if they aren’t totally essential.

Making your way home
Don’t ever, under any circumstances accept a lift home from a stranger or someone you aren’t already friendly with. Inform the group of friends you went out with that you’re leaving and make it known who with. When you get home, give them a quick call to know everything is well.

The whole point of going out is to meet new people and make new acquaintances so I don’t want you to take this advice and don an unfriendly demeanour. I just want you to be aware of the dangers and realise that the night life of a town isn’t always the greatest place to make judgements on someone’s character.

Do not hesitate to leave a party if you feel unwelcome, uncomfortable or that something isn’t right. Your safety is way more important than a night on the town.