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How much to tip? Tipping in Argentina
Published on 10/5/2009

Visiting Buenos Aires and wonder how much you should be tipping? Here's our guide.

Tipping in Argentina

Different cultures see tipping differently. In many European restaurants, 10 to 15 percent is added to the total bill to cover the service charge. You can leave extra money on your table if you want your waiter or waitress to have this for his excellent service. Tipping is not mandatory in Argentina. It is, however, greatly appreciated.

Locals generally tip less when compared to tourists. This is because tipping is not really a custom. As for tourists, tipping is a way for them to show their appreciation for excellent service.

As for taxi drivers, they do not expect to be given tip on top of the cab fare. You would only give them extra if they also give you extra service like carrying your luggage to the hotel entrance or carrying your bags to the taxi. The same goes out to bellhops, ushers, and restroom attendants.

You have to familiarize yourself with the Argentinean customs on tipping. You should also ask the resort or the restaurant if they allow tipping. There are some inclusive hotels and restaurants that do not allow these because you are already paying extra for every service that you ask from them.

You also have to know the value of the currency. Do not convert this to dollars. You might over tip or under tip. Always add percentages to the total bill to serve as tip for services done for you. You must also remember to be nice. Even if the service is not good, these people still deserve kindness on your end.