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How much should I tip? Tipping etiquette in Greece
Published on 10/7/2009

Here's all you need to know about tipping etiquette in Greece.

Greece is known for archaeological sites associated with the Greek gods and goddesses of mythology that have been discussed in school. That is why the locales are used to tourists visiting their country. When you are a stranger in a foreign land, it is very important that you know the customs. This includes their views on tips. Here are some tips on tips.

When you are at a tourist-type restaurant, ask for the bill. The waiter will not bring this to you if you do not request for it. Confirm whether the service charge has been included. If it has, then pay the bill. If you like how the waiter’s service, then leave a couple of Euros, preferably bills, on the tray.

If you are dining in traditional eating places, ask for the bill and check for obvious errors. Chances are the service charge won’t be included. You can give the waiter 10 to 20 percent of the total. Leave this on the tray or give it to him directly.

Whether it is a tourist-type restaurant or traditional eating place, do not forget to thank the owner or the person in charge for a satisfying meal. They will appreciate your words.

As for cab drivers, they don’t really expect tips but neither would they turn these down. There is a minor charge by the cab drivers whenever they hand you a piece of luggage. This is not considered to be a top but is an official charge.
Greece is a really nice vacation spot. Tourists enjoy their stay here not only because of the sites but also because of the people who make their stay enjoyable. Tipping is just a small sign of showing your appreciation for them.