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How much to tip? Tipping etiquette in Mexico
Published on 11/5/2009

How much should you tip in Mexico? Read on!

Tipping etiquette

Tipping is part of Mexican culture. This is because it has a significant role in Mexico’s cash-driven economy. People working in Mexico include porters at the airports, the waiters and waitresses at the cafes and restaurants, and cab drivers. They rely on tips (locally known as ‘la propina’) to get through every day. Therefore, when you’re in Mexico, giving tips is considered to be a very generous act.

When you’re in a restaurant, there is the service charge. Unfortunately, the additional amount will not go to the waiter but to the owner of the restaurant. If it does go to the waiters, all the waiters and waitresses would have to share the whole amount of tips generated for that shift. If you wish to give the waiter or waitress a tip of his or her own, leave it on the table or hand it to him or her directly.

When you’re in the restaurants, you will notice that there are attendants who are working in the restroom. You can leave a few pesos in the small box inside the restroom. This is gratuity for the attendant. You can do the same for the porter at the hotel who carries your bags or calls taxis for you. Have a couple of pesos ready with you as you say your thanks and hand these to them.

With cab drivers, you can round up the total fare and not ask for the change anymore. If your fare amounts to 8 pesos, just give him 10 pesos and ask him to take the change.

Tipping in Mexico is very spontaneous but you still have the option to not give these people money. But then again, if you really appreciate the good service they provide for you, then this is just a small token.