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Ayia Napa - Home of the wild wild nights
Published on 03/31/2007
Ayia Napa
It is like the Ibiza of Cyprus

Ayia Napa - Party hotspot

Girls having a party in an Ayia Napa night club
Synonymous with clubbing, Ayia Napa came from a Greek word meaning "Saint Napa", who was the patron saint of the town and his Venetian-era monastery is located right at the center of the town.

Ayia Napa attracts a different group of visitors or tourists each year. Although it is a great place for spending your holiday, but it is a favorite haunt for followers of London's UK Garage music scene. It is like the Ibiza of Cyprus and attracts mostly British tourists.

With 340 days of sunshine Ayia Napa enjoys a very pleasant weather with winter temperatures as low as 17°C and summer temperatures as high as 32°C. Ayia Napa enjoys a Mediterranean climate most of the time and the best seasons to visit is during autumn, spring and early winters. The main party season is in July and August.

You can reach Ayia Napa by flying down to Cyprus, which has two major International airports. They are the Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport from where you can take a taxi or use public transportation, which is not very reliable. From Larnaca airport, it is a 45 minute taxi ride to Ayia Napa and the approximate fare is CYP£35.

Ayia Napa is an upcoming clubbing destination and offers some of the best nightlife and entertainment options. If you are looking for a quiet holiday then this is not your kind of place. Ayia Napa has a mile long stretch of pubs and clubs, each offering its own brand of music. On of the best is bedrock inn that has a flintstone kind of theme and ambience and also has the best karaoke bar. The castle club is a huge hit as it has 3 rooms that play 3 different styles of music.

Local beer
The local beer in Ayia Napa is called KEO and it is pleasant and cheap. Most of the pubs or bars offer one plus one free or one plus two free. Beer is cheap because most people enjoy beer second only to music.

Boy/Girl ratio
Ayia Napa being a clubbing destination of the world attracts many young women and is quite a safe place to be in unless of course you get totally drunk. Pick Pocketing is a major threat here.

What to eat
Ayia Napa offers cuisines from exotic to local and the popular local dish is the fish meze, which consists of humus, tzatziki, taramosalata, tahini, along with main courses of red snapper, octopus, and kalamari. Ayia Napa food is a mix of Greek and Turkish cuisine and includes meat, salad and fruits.

The beach
Ayia Napa is a busy tourist destination that is famous for its golden sandy beaches and spectacular landscape. Beaches mean water sports and Ayia Napa offers plenty. The most popular water sport is scuba diving because the surrounding water is crystal clear and warm and visibility can reach up to 30 to 40m. The three most popular beaches of Ayia Napa are Nissi Beach, Fig Tree bay, and Harbor. Nissi beach is the most popular of them all with cool bars, music and water activities apart from the sunshine and the golden sands.