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World Class Cocktails in Prague: Radost FX
Published on 08/20/2010
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Prague comes alive after dark as a completely different city. There are many different venues for concerts, classical music, drinking and dancing depending on what you prefer.

Where the rich and beautiful party
The classiest places in town run alongside the “most-expensive street” in Prague, Pariska. If you are looking for a swanky night out, this is the place for you. Places such as Barock, Tretters and Bugsys have the requisite cocktail list and doormen. The closest you will get to classy in a town known for meat and beer.

Plenty of cocktail bars

If you want something less expensive and more down to earth, the many mid-range cocktail bars will please your palate and wallet.

Mid-range cocktail bars are much more common in Prague, they are spread thoughout the downtown area, offering a wide range of drinks and music.

Formerly world famous Radost FX is probaly the best known, just behind the national museum. The have a lovely lounge and vegtarian restaurant to have some snacks before heading downstairs for dancing. You can find Radost FX at BÄ›lehradská 120 and the closest Red Line Metro stop is I.P. Pavlova.

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