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Spain: Relax in a villa or at the beach before hitting the clubs
By K S
Published on 04/19/2007

Spain is an advanced party destination and sure knows how to make money doing it. Expensive drinks and cover charges at clubs in the most popular destinations makes it necessary for the smart party traveller to arrange a proper pre-party before going out.

Pre-Party guide for Spain

Spain is a popular destination for party travellers. But party hotspots like Ibiza, Mallorca and Marbella are definately not cheap to enjoy. Prices for drinks can reach 10 euros ($14) in hot clubs, and a bottle of beer can easily set you back 6 euros ($8). To arrange a pre-party before your night on the town is both smart moneywise and could be great fun as well.

Possible Locations for a pre-party

Hotel: To enjoy a pre-party on the terrace of your hotel room is of course an option. But make sure that you stay in a typical club 18-30 hotel where noise is accepted.

Beach: The weather is nice and the beaches are starting to empty when the sun goes down. Pick up a few 5 kg bags of ice from the supermarket and bring the drinks.

Villa: The best way to arrange a pre-party is of course when you rent your own villa for your holiday. If you are a few friends together it can be as cheap as staying in a hotel. With a pool and some good music this is a perfect way to get ready for a night out.

The costs of being the boss:
In Spain you can buy 0.33l cans of private label supermarket beer for 0.15 euros each. Buy a case of 30 for 4.5 euros. If you pay double (0.3 euros per can) you get the big local brands like Mahou, St. Miguel and Cruzcampo.

Cheap russian vodka for the pre-party is likely to cost 6-7 euros for a litre. Tequila can be bought for 4-5 euros a bottle.

Strawberries and other fruits are cheap and can be bought for 1-2 euros for 0.5-1 kg. Perfect for mixing spectacular drinks.

A 3 kg bag of ice to chill your supply will cost around 2 euros.