Sun and Sin -
How to dress like a Pussycat Doll?
By Missi Gfunk
Published on 04/27/2007

Dressing like a Pussycat Doll you can not help but to get noticed on the dance floor. Here´s how to pull it off.

Dress like the Pussycat Dolls: 5 rules

The Pussycat Dolls are like an American version of the Spice Girls. This girl band took over the young minds all around the globe and initiated a fire of womanhood. But let me put this straight, they are definitely hotter, sexier and innovative in every move they make.

Even wondered why does each and every “GURL” of the band looks sizzling on-screen and a hottie off-screen? Read on as I unleash the secrets to the sexier and innocent face of life….

Rule Number 1: Know Your Body
Well, let’s not live in a dream world and not reduce those extra flabs. Even if you have a little extra inch here and there, trim it down.

Totally skinny is also out of fashion. If you are too lean, make sure you put on some flesh to show some curves off! And I don’t mean implants!
If you feel you are too lazy, whack yourself with a strict regime of workout six-days a week! Curves are in the news! They will make you look attractive and unquestionably irresistible. Clothes will hug your body and your will regain self-confidence.

Rule Number 2:  Carry Your Attitude
No matter you don’t have a perfect nose, or wide eyes, there is always a special facial attractive section in your face. Take time and look at yourself in the mirror and I am sure you will realize something special in you. Get this in your mind right now, that you are special and will definitely look great once you figure out your original self.

Rule Number 3:  Better Do What You Like
Taking opinions is not a big issue, but taking it from the right person is the matter of choices that you make. Let no one make fun of yourself, and deck yourself with the sexiest outfit you feel will compliment your body. Remember, what you show is sexy and what you don’t show is sexiest!

Rule Number 4:  Applying Makeup
Makeup in every store is the same, but applying it is where the skill comes in. You have a small nose; fix it with a matter of some eye shadow, you have good looking eyes and nice pastel colored eyeliner will do miracles for you. Do no overdo. Try keeping your face simple yet attractive.

The key to have a natural glow upon your skin is to eat a lot of solid fruits and drink a lot of water. Some exercise regimes will make you weak for a few days; concentrate on your diet follow it till the end.

Rule Number 5: You NEED to Look Sexier and Not a Woman on the Street
If we take a look at the Pussycat Dolls, what do we see? We see women enjoying their womanhood, wearing sexy apparels making a clean and erotic picture of being a woman.

Believe it or not, its not just men who are falling for these women, but women too want to be like them. EMPOWER yourself! Buy something that is definitely sexy and not something on the street. Men like to fantasize their women as someone taking control over their senses, where they would surrender. So gain control, and let things roll!