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City of Rhodes
Published on 04/1/2007

Rhodes castles
The city of Rhodes is an all-round destination. Perfect for families, honeymooners, couples and even children and youth.


Roses on Rhodes
Rhodes, Rhodos or Rodos in Greek is a beautiful island of roses. It has a unique landscape that will capture your mind and senses. Rhodos has a unique climate and there is more sunshine here than any other place in Europe.

The peak season is summers and it attracts many travelers from all over the world. It is a perfect holiday destination for families, honeymooners, couples and even children and youth. Most visitors are from Europe although Americans and even people from Africa and Asia also come here.

Rhodos has a warm Mediterranean climate and the summers are hot and dry. The temperatures fluctuate from 24.7ºC in June to 11.8º C in January. The humidity varies between 57.6% and 69% from summer to winters. The time from mid-July to mid-August experiences strong winds that are blown from the Aegean Sea. These winds are known as Meltemi. They start suddenly and can blow for a couple of days.

During the summer season there is plenty of charter flights from Europe. The island has three airports and three harbors. The international airport Diagoras (RHO) is situated 17km from the city, near the village of Paradissi. There are daily flights to and from Athens, Crete, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Karpathos.

The Nightlife in Rhodos is vibrant and there are different bars and nightclubs to choose. Some of the popular ones are Liquid Club, Bed club, Frequency, Reflexions and Infinity. There are more than 600 bars and nightclubs in Rhodos and most of them are located in Orfanidoy Street and the old town of Rhodos.

Local beer
The local beer available in Rhodos is Mythos and it is produced by Heineken. There are two other beer brands from the same company and they are Heineken and Amstel.

Boy/Girl ratio
There is practically a zero crime rate in Rhodos and hence safe for women traveling alone. But it is always advised to take precautions especially if you are planning to go from Rhodos to Faliriki.

What to eat
There are various cuisines available at Rhodos restaurants and they include Indian, Chinese, British, Italian, Mexican, and Greek. The local food is extremely popular especially if it is souvlaki, which is made from pieces of lamb meat barbecued and topped with tzatziki. Apart from this, you can have Appetizers like Ouzo, Raki, Souma, and Retsina.

The beach
The nearest beaches in Rhodos lie in Faliraki, which is at a distance of 14kms. It is a popular beach destination offering water sports like paragliding, Bungee-jumping, Jet-Skiing, water skiing, wind surfing and Go-karting. The beaches of Rhodos attract people from all over the world to come and enjoy the spectacular sunsets and have a relaxing time by the beach. There is a Nudist beach in Rhodos located next to Kathara Beach in Faliraki. Some of the popular beaches include Kalithea beach, Traganou Beach, Ladiko beach, Anthony Quinn bay, Vlicha beach, Afandou Beach and the list goes on.