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A short introduction to beach etiquette for the party traveller
By Coby DuBose
Published on 04/30/2007

There are beach etiquette tips that every spring breaker needs to know.

Beach etiquette

Going to the beach should be a fun experience for everyone. It’s not always that way, though. It always seems as if there is one group of people who want to ruin it for everyone. There are beach etiquette tips that every spring breaker needs to know.

Music Selection
If you’re bringing a stereo to the beach, try to keep your group away from families. Unless you are planning on playing your favorite gospel music CD, there’s a good chance that the dad right across from you won’t approve of the music his little girl is hearing. It’s alright to have your fun, but look out for the domestic disturbers.

Beaches are for People!
Even if your beach says that dogs are allowed, it’s not always courteous to bring them to the beach with you. If your dog decides to do his business in the sand, it will be easy to clean up. If he runs into the water to leave his mark, you’ll be staring at a whole bunch of angry beach goers.

Keep Your Balls to Yourself!
Unless you are using an errant throw to gain an in-road with a good looking girl, don’t toss that football into a large group of people. You’re probably no Tom Brady and your accuracy is especially bad after four or five brews. If that slant route turns into a deep fly route, it’s probably going to interrupt someone’s day.

Beware of the Sandy Towel
If you’ve been lying on a towel for a couple of hours, it’s probably going to be sandy. When you get up to brush that towel off, do it downwind. If you try to brush your towel off up wind from your friends, they’re going to get a face full of your sand. Don’t be surprised if they bury you in the dirt after that.

Everybody ought to have a good time at the beach. By following these simple rules of etiquette, everyone can have a good time.