Sun and Sin -
A short sociological introduction to the party hotspots in the USA
By Coby DuBose
Published on 05/3/2007

Richie Richs travel one place and Poor Peters have to travel somewhere else.

Where do the stinking rich people party? And where can the normal ones hang out?

When spring break rolls around, college students make their plans to hit up one of the hotspots for a little bit of partying. They’re not all going to the same places, though. Depending on how fat their bank account is, they’ll likely be headed to a different beach.

Filthy richs head for Malibu and the Hamptons
The filthy rich aren’t spending their spring break with the common college student. Instead, they’re booking plane tickets to places like the Hamptons and Malibu. Depending upon their location within the United States, America’s most privileged youth will undoubtedly choose one of these hotspots. In the Hamptons, trust fund babies frolic in the shadow of New York City. Malibu offers a West coast retreat for some of the East Coast’s biggest bank accounts.

Plenty of plastic in Destin
The upper middle class student is probably making plans to spend a week in the best upscale beach in the area. For those students attending school down south, one of these upscale beaches is Destin, Florida. Paris Hilton might not be there, but you’ll find plenty of plastic and quite a few SUVs in Destin on spring break week.

Ballin´ on a budget
Those students who aren’t so well off are probably looking to bum a ride to one of the local beaches around their area. One place that attracts a little bit less affluent crowd is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It’s like Destin, except that everything costs a little less and the accommodations aren’t quite as nice. This beach and Dayton Beach in Florida aren’t bad places for those students who want to be ballin’ on a budget.

Socioeconomic status plays a major role in where students choose to spend their spring break. Those students who don’t have the big bank roll are just looking to soak up some rays and drink a few cheap beers. Those with a little bit more money are looking for the expensive hotels and the pricey tiki bars. They’ll all have a good time, although the total cost of the trip will be very different.