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Would you like a classy tattoo?
By Coby DuBose
Published on 05/6/2007

You are getting a tattoo during your vacation no matter what, but you would not like a trashy one. Here´s a quick classy tattoo guide.

Getting a classy tattoo on your vacation

So it’s your vacation and you want a tattoo. Most folks get their first tattoo when they’re having a good time on vacation, so you’re in pretty good company. Trying to choose a tattoo that’s appropriate is a little bit tricky, though.

The lower back "slut mark" or "tramp stamp" is no longer gooood..
Stay Away from the “tramp stamp.” You want a classy tattoo that won’t lead people to think that you are a slut or a piece of white trash. This immediately disqualifies certain looks that have long outstayed their welcome. Trendy tattoos like the “tramp stamp”, a tattoo found on the lower back of certain women, are on their way out. Other looks are hot right now and that’s what you need to look for.

Less is More
The classiest tattoos are the ones that aren’t out in the open for the world to see. Sure, you might be trying to make a statement, but you don’t want to send the wrong message. One of these new popular ink spots in on the lower belly, just below the hip. This spot can be covered by all pants and bathing suits. It’s a sensitive part of the body, but it’s also a very sexy part. With a tattoo there, only people who you choose can see your tattoo.

A FootTastic Spot for a Tattoo
Another popular tattoo spot is the foot. Lots of people like to get foot tattoos because the foot is tougher and the process doesn’t hurt nearly as much. For those looking to get a small tattoo, the bottom of the foot is an ideal location.

What if I’m a dude?
For guys, one of the hot spots for tattoos is the upper back, just above the shoulder blade. Many guys are getting tribal marks or Chinese characters in this spot. These are trendy tattoos, though. Your best bet is to go with something that has a little bit of personal meaning to you.

Le conclusion!
If you’re on vacation and you just have to get a tattoo, then do it right. There’s no reason to pay for a trendy “slut mark” when that fad is on the way out. Go with something small that can be covered up. In a few years, you’ll be glad you made that choice