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Suits You Swimwear sells sexy bikinis to figure competition athletes
By K S
Published on 05/9/2007 is a company from Tampa Florida who specializes in sexy bikinis and contest "gear" for figure competition athletes. In this interview the founder reveals on which beaches you are most likely to spot their bikinis.

Sure suits you
 are based in Tampa, Florida where they have a store on Hillsborough Ave. They have operated their online store since 1998. The owners are Lucy and Clyde. They are serving both the figure competition and bodybuilder community, as well as people who want a little bit of risque swimwear. I had a chat with Clyde about their business.

How was the company started? Lucy started by designing and wearing her own bikinis about 18 years ago, friends and girls from the beach asked her to make them suits. We eventually opened a small boutique. I  started our website in 1998... Since we manufacture our own line of sexy bikinis, we've always offered "custom" bikinis, if you love one of our styles and want it in a different color or fabric, we can do it.

Who is your typical customer? Currently our customer base is half sexy bikinis and half "figure" competition girls. We do some bodybuilding but mostly figure.

Are there lots of local people buying your bikinis for use on Florida´s beaches? Since we have a store here in Tampa, we are popular source for bikini contest suits and or thong bikinis...

Do you sell bikinis from other manufacturers? We manufacture almost all of the bikinis on our site, we only buy a few bikinis from one other manufacture (they're in the US).

Which beaches should I seek out to see some of your bikinis in action? Our best local beach (Clearwater beach) passed a "no thong" ordinance several years ago, now it's mostly tourist. Now most of our local bikinis are at "beach bar" hot spots, from Clearwater beach south to Sarasota beaches.

What about international customers - do you sell a lot overseas? Yes we do ship overseas everyday, we've shipped to every major country.

Examples from the Suits You Swimwear collection