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How to get 370 000 people to view your vacation photos on flickr?
By Bella
Published on 05/10/2007
"soupspoon 2007" is lucky enough to have a girlfriend with a huge Wicked Weasel collection. Their holiday photos from the Greek islands are a great flickr success. In this interview soupspoon tells us about reactions from other people and their favourite party islands.

Holiday photos of a girlfriend wearing a Wicked Weasel bikinis has been a huge Flickr success

"Soupspoon2007" uses Flickr to share his holiday photos with the world.  Most of the photos features his girlfriend who is blessed with an attractive body and a huge collection of Wicked Weasel bikinis. The result is over 370 000 views of the photos and over 150 different Flickr users have added their photos as their favourites. We hit them up and asked some questions:

It is quite a collection of Wicked Weasel bikinis featured in the photos, have you tried other microkini brands?
Only worn standare thong bikinis and WW bikinis, no other brands to date.

Many women feel it is too risque to wear microkinis or/and thongs on a public beach, I am sure there must be a lot of attention?
I have not heard anything negative so far and that is after about 5 years of wearing thong bikinis (normally only once a year). People normally seem impressed and pleased to see my girlfriend in skimpy bikinis. You always get people trying to stage a photograph so that you can see her in the background, or in some case people can be a even more blatant - they might as well ask!

Judging from the photos you seem to visit the Greek islands a lot. Which one of the Greek islands do you like the most?
Been to quite a few, we like Skiathos (great beaches and nice and small), Crete, Thassos, Zante, Kefalonia. We normally enjoy somewhere fairly quiet but with the option a more more life if desired, i.e. Stalis on crete where Malia is walkable.

A few samples from the many photos 

Visit Soupspoon´s Flickr account to see all their holiday snaps.