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Faliraki - The Ibiza of Greece
Published on 04/2/2007
Faliraki nightlife
The Nightlife in Faliraki is amazing there are many options to choose from on the club street and the bar street.

Faliraki - All night activity

Woman dancing in a Faliraki nightclub
Faliraki in Rhodos, Greece is situated on a 3-mile long sandy beach that boasts of crystal clear waters and offers daytime activities and water sports. It is the primary seaside resort village situated on the Faliraki bay.

Since 1994, Greece has seen a rise in tourists, which is more than 10 million each year. The majority of tourists visiting Faliraki are Europeans. Since 1989, 92% of tourists visiting Greece were European. In 1991 large number of tourists came from Germany and Britain, which was 40% and another 24% came from Italy, Yugoslavia, France, and the Netherlands.

Faliraki experiences a warm Mediterranean climate with summers being hot and dry with the temperatures fluctuating from 20.7ºC in May to 13.4º C in December. The time from mid-July to mid-August witnesses strong winds blown from the Aegean Sea and known as Meltemi.

To reach Faliraki, you will have to fly to Rhodos and then take a taxi that will cost around €15. The nearest airport is the Diagoras Airport, which is located on the island of Rhodos near the village of Paradisi.

The Nightlife in Faliraki is amazing there are many options to choose from on the club street and the bar street. One should visit bar street first as the clubs here close 1 am in the morning. Some of the popular nightclubs include Bedrock, George’s Bar, Breeze, PJ’s, Q-club and Liquid.

Local beer
The local beer available in Faliraki is Mythos. There are different types of local beer produced by the Beer Giant Heineken. The three main brands are Heineken, Amstel and Mythos. .

What to eat
There are different types of cuisines available at Faliraki restaurants and taverns like Greek, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian. There are more than 60 restaurants at a walking distance from the beach. But there is nothing like the local food and it can be anything from Appetizers (Ouzo, Raki, Souma or Retsina) to Greek bread, roasted Pork and of course the most famous and popular souvlaki. Souvlaki involves pieces of cubed lamb meat barbecued and topped with tzatziki and server on Pita bread.

The beach
Faliraki is just about 14kms from Rhodos and is a popular beach destination that offers water sports like Jet-Skiing, paragliding, Bungee-jumping, water skiing, wind surfing and Go-karting. The Faliraki beach attracts hordes of people to get their share of sun, sand and tan. The beach is also home to the impressive Faliraki Water Park, which is the biggest in Europe. You can enjoy water slides, black holes, a lazy river, rafting slides, kamikaze slides, the giant slide, wave pool, aqua-gym, and much more. There is a part of the water park specially designed for children. There are 35-trained lifeguards on duty all the time to ensure safety. All in all the beaches in Faliraki are beautiful and clean.