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10 big mistakes men make in bed
By Photo Bella
Published on 05/11/2007
Men can sometimes be hopeless in bed. Here´s 10 very common and very irritating mistakes.

Men in bed - 10 mistakes

10 mistakes men do in bed.

1. Her lips are toxic. Avoid kissing her lips. They are very bad and should be avoided at all cost!

2. Grab and touch her breasts like they were bread dough. They are not there to be caressed, you should knead and roll them insted. She likes that.

3. Bite her nipples. She seems to enjoy this a lot, the sceams are all pleasure.

4. The 1-2-1 move: Kiss her lips, kiss tit 1 and tit 2 before you eat your main meal down "there." It is a recipe for success!

5. Remove your pants before your socks, at all costs! This is important, there is nothing sexier than a naked man in his socks.

6. Ask if she has got an orgasm yet. Repeatedly. Women like this.

7. When in doggystyle, try to slip it in her ass. Pretend it is an accident. Apparently, this is very painful for the woman!

8. Ask if you can "test" your new cell phone. She likes being photographed and distributed among your friends.

9. It has been a long time since the last time you got laid, so you should definately thank her for the sex. This makes her feel special (and creepy).

10. Throw the condom under the bed when finished. She feels like you left a little bit of your love.

This is only 10 mistakes men make in bed, add your own in the comment field below.