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Micro bikini company: -Micro Bikinis are the trend for this summer
By K S
Published on 05/15/2007
We have interviewed the Australian online micro bikini company about the trends for this summer and how their bikinis may make you stand out at the beach..

Interview with Courtney at
is an Australian company. No underpaid hungry kids are involved in production. They produce their sweat shop free garments within Australia. The main source for inspirations for their designs is from the scintillating Australian beach scenes.

They have won several awards, in 2003 the Micro bikini company won Queensland Micro Business of the Year. I sent some questions their way and Courtney from LustyThreads were happy to answer.

Micro bikinis are hot this summer
What are the micro bikini trends for this summer?

Micro bikinis ARE the trend for this summer and the brighter the better! We have found that although our feature fabrics have been super popular, it is the plain colours that have proven to be our best sellers in our micro bikini range.

Not expensive
The bikinis are fairly expensive compared to "standard ones", for example, a bikini may cost AUD 79 / USD 65 / EUR 50. Are most of the customers affluent?

We don’t really pry into our customer’s private lives, but feel that our bikinis are competitively priced (in Australian $) for the micro bikini market. To compare our product to “Standard” bikinis is not really doing it justice.

Stand out at the beach
Which beaches do you recommend to visit if you have just bought a Lusty Thread bikini and would like to "blend in" and not cause too much attention?

Our customers buy Lustythreads bikinis because they don’t want to blend in and be a part of the crowd – they want to stand out on any beach. Not all of our swimwear is micro in nature catering to customers worldwide, with varying comfort levels while still offering a unique and sexy style.