Sun and Sin -
Do you have to be gay to wear this to the beach?
By K S
Published on 05/21/2007

Australian micro bikini company may be most known for their female range of bikinis, but they also sell some extremely risque swimwear for men.

Would you let your boyfriend wear this for the beach?

Exciting design.

A Brazilian back is a tanga style bikini, this means that the back is a bit bigger than a string, but only a little bit.

What is all this? specializes in micro bikinis. Their female range is well known and hugely successful, but they also have a men´s range that surely must deserve some attention.

This exciting collection obivously deserve some further investigation, I e-mailed Courtney at LustyThreads with the big question.

Can straight men use this?

Answer: Not that we ask about the sexual orientation of our customers, but we find our Men’s range is hugely popular. We regularly receive emails from satisfied male customers and their partners - both male and female.