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Tanlines: Hot or not?
By K S
Published on 05/20/2007
Some hate them ,others love them. Here's a look at tanlines using photos from Flickr.

Those tanlines..
Halterneck bikinis, swimming suits, shorts, socks, uneven applied sunblock. These are all very good reasons for the existence of tanlines. But as long as you do not go to a nude beach there is no way around them! Here are some examples from Webshots and Flickr:

wadd up tanlines
Halterneck bikini syndrome.

Atari tanlines.
Atari tanline.

hallies totally awesome tanline.
It's like white underwear.

Another piece of white underwear.

But this photo highlights something important - the use of tanlines as a way to measure the progress of your tan.

In the start of your vacation you may barely see the difference of the bikini area and the rest of your skin, while towards the end you get a serious tanline to keep an eye on.

the worst tanline ive ever seen

Pretty big tanlines, but she is working hard to reduce them.


building dreams and tanlines...uncle J

wow i reallllllllly need to get rid of those tanline haha >:-O
These tanlines may be tanning salon related? Does not look natural.

So, what do you think? Hot or not?