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Sleeping on hostels during your party vacation?
By K S
Published on 05/23/2007

If you are going to stay at a hostel you better learn some etiquette before you go. Here's a guide.

Guide to Hostel Etiquette

Leif from Killing Batteries
have created guide to hostel etiquette for the newbie or not-interested-in-what-my-surroundings-think-of-me traveller.

Here are some etiquette pointers that will be particular useful for the party traveller:

"Do not have loud sex in the room while everyone is asleep and if you do, don’t get mad and demand “privacy” when the rest of us sit up and bemusedly watch."

"Just because you’re merrily drunk doesn’t mean I’m merrily drunk.  This goes double for any time after midnight, because unless I’ve recently told you otherwise, I like sleep more than I like you. "

Morning has broken
"When you come in from partying at 3am and wake everyone up while you clumsily get ready for bed and then people are too loud for your liking at 9am, keep your effing mouth shut. "

Everybody love a fart, right?
"Spontaneous farting is only funny under very precise circumstances.  It requires exquisite comic timing that most of you don’t have, so better to just save yourself the embarrassment and do the slow release or, better yet, leave the room."

Read the full guide here.