Bikinis and beach wear

What to wear on the beach?

Best bikini bodies over 40


E! is here with an overview of the best looking bikini bodies in the 40 + category.

How to become bikini fit for the summer: 7 essential tips

Let’s take a look at some tips to get bikini ready for the summer.

Sporting a great tan in your bikini

The summer is here, and photo sites like Flickr is filled with women who show off their golden tans and hot bikinis: Here’s a collection of photos of tanned bikini beauties.

Do you need an inexpensive beach bikini this summer?

At our partner site,, there’s a whole section devoted to cheap bikinis that costs less than $30 for one set.

Enjoy your days in the sun!

10 super attractive women share their thoughts on string bikinis

10 glamorous women share their views on the tiny beach wear phenomenon.

5 bikinis you can buy for less than $20

Do you need a cheap bikini for spring break? gives tips on 5 bikini brands you can buy for less than $20.

- Our one-piece String and the Slingshot bathing suits are for women who want to be acceptably outrageous

Double Take Microwear sells bikinis and swimsuits to the bold and beautiful.

How to look good in a bikini if you are a fattie

Some useful tips.

aSS (a Swiss String): – 2008 will definitely be the come-back of the g-string on beaches

Interview with Maria, founder and owner of a Swiss String. Switzerland’s leading micro bikini company.

Top 5 eco-friendly swimwear designers

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