Gay and lesbian travel

Cities and resorts catering for gay tourism

Destinations with liberal and permissive attitudes towards gays paired with a infrastructure where bars, clubs, hotels restaurants and shops are owned by gays are often referred to as a "Gay travel destinations."

A place to relax and have fun

Such tourists destinations give opportunities to socialize with other gays as well as to relax in a liberal environment.

Gay and lesbian tourist travel accounts for appx. 10% of the revenue for the global travel industry. Money spent by gays are often referred to pink dollars. Gays often have more expendable income than their heterosexual counterparts due to less obligations with children and higher wages.

Gay and Lesbian travel

Popular gay tourist destinations

Cities often quoted to be popular gay destinations in Europe include Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin. Beach resorts frequently hailed as gay resorts are Playa des Ingles on Gran Canaria, Sitges outside Barcelona and Mykonos in Greece.

Popular gay destinations in North America includes Key West in Florida, Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

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