Shoes suitable for a visit to a 5 star restaurant

Scenario: Going out to the hottest place in town with that investment banker? Then heading to a club for some dancing and to nip some Cristal champagne? Then you may be able to afford a pair of top of the range luxury shoes.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik's "Manolos" became a pop cultural phenomenon and a big time shoe brand after being heavily featured in television series Sex & the City. The shoes are extremely feminine and has a price tag to match the famous shoe designer's popularity. Even though Blahnik also has ballet flats in his collection, it is the stylish evening shoes that gets the most of the attention.

With a prices ranging from $500 to $2500 a pair of "Manolos" is definately a suitable companion for a visit to a Michelin starred restaurant.


Donna Karan

This is an example of some very chic sandals from the Donna Karan shoe collection. All her shoes are made in Italy and features the best leather and suede fabrics available. The prices of Donna Karan shoes are slightly more modest than the Manolos. Expect to dish out $300-600 for a pair of Donna Karans. The joy of seeing your man's face admiring you? Priceless.

Budget tip: For a cheaper designer look, try Donna Karan's budget range, the DKNY. They have also good looking shoes for evening wear.



The Hollywould brand is trying to give that red carpet feeling with their shoes. And this lacy pair sure gives us that star feeling.

Prices range from $250 and stretches towards $500.


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