Is topless bathing allowed in Cancun?

A potential visitor asked about bathing suit habits in the TripAdvisor forum about Cancun. The short answer is:

It is not allowed, keep your bathing suit on.

A man from Toronto gave the following in depth answer:

“Total nudity is not accepted or allowed anywhere in Cancun, let alone at LeBlanc. There is a sign by the pools at this resort reminding ladies to keep their tops on, so it goes without saying that nudity would be a scandal and security would probably take drastic measures right away.

Topless bathing is common throughout the beach in Cancun, including the beach area in front of LeBlanc, but topless bathing at the pools is allowed only at a few hotels, such as Golden Parnassus, Blue Bay Getaway, and (I think) Riu Caribe.
Toplessness at the beach is much more common south of Cancun, in Playa del Carmen, where most of the tourists are Europeans.
However, total nudity is allowed only at the couples-only clothing-optional “lifestyles” Desire Resort in Puerto Morelos and at Hidden Beach Resort in Tulum.”

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