Cancun spring break photos 2006

Cancun is the favoured spring break destinations for plenty of students. Here are some photos from a gallery at webshots:

Seems like a great time.

Cancun holiday photos

“The Cancun Legend” has posted over 100 photos in his gallery at webshots. Some examples:


Nightlife in Cancun: Senor Frog and others

Senor Frog is one of many night clubs in Cancun that offer a wild atmosphere well suited for spring break vacations. In addition to the frog clubs like Dady Rock, Up & Down and Basic are notorious for keeping it wild and loose. Here are some photos illustrating the atmosphere:

Bad english or just funny joke, you […]

Bullfights in Cancun

Bull fighting is a controversial topic in Spain these days, but it is still going strong in Mexico. Cancun can of course also offer this form of entertainment. In a travel forum a tourist from Atlanta gives some insight into the bullfighting scene in Cancun:

“I’ve been a few times in the past. The Bullfights are at […]

Prices on discos and nightclubs in Cancun

Cancun, Mexico is a popular destination for many Americans. So, how much will a night in Cancun set you back?

All inclusive nightclubs
Most clubs offer an all inclusive deal where you get a bracelet that gains you entry to the club and then you can have as many local drinks as you wish. The price of this range […]

Dance on the tables at Coco Bongo

In Cancun, Coco Bongo is one of the biggest and most popular discos. It´s main appeal is that it is possible to dance everywhere. There is no formal dance floor so guests are invited to use tables and chairs as dancing platforms. 
On popular nights over 3000 guests are inside sweating and dancing the night away. Cover charge is USD […]

Is topless bathing allowed in Cancun?

A potential visitor asked about bathing suit habits in the TripAdvisor forum about Cancun. The short answer is:
It is not allowed, keep your bathing suit on.
A man from Toronto gave the following in depth answer:

“Total nudity is not accepted or allowed anywhere in Cancun, let alone at LeBlanc. There is a sign by the pools at […]