Sun and Sin -
5 reasons to not have sex on drugs
By K S
Published on 05/21/2007
Yes, you are probably gonna encounter people doing it on your party vacation this summer, but here's some reasons for you to not be a part of it.

Some advice from your smart grandpa

Of course you can have sex while on your prescription drug, but that is not what we are talking about now. It is no point in denying it. During the summer in party hotspots like Panama City Beach, Miami and Ibiza, many will have sex while under the influence of drugs. Here's some reasons to not do it:

Sexually transmitted diseases are probably easier to catch when under the influence of drugs. You get sloppy, you get wild, and suddenly that condom is not so necessary anymore.

More satisfying to do it the normal way
Sex under the influence of certain drugs is like flying a helicopter to the top of a mountain. It is way more satisfying to climb with your hands and feet.

Abstain from the drugs to remember the lucky night
So you scored and got lucky, but you do not remember anything because you were way out of this world!

Doing drugs with your sex-partner
Before you do it you should think about how the drug affects you and your partner differently. There are some drugs that can make a man useless, or unable to ejaculate. There are also some drugs that do nothing for the woman. Then again, there are drugs that make the woman go wild and yet the guy can not even get an erection.

You can not win
If sex on drugs is fantastic you would like to repeat it. Normal sex will never be the same again. You start chasing the next ultimate experience and before you know it you are unable to have an old-fashioned intercourse!