Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands with a total land mass of 585 sq. km or 225 sq. miles. Ibiza has some of the finest beaches, secluded bays, spectacular cliffs, and a landscape dotted with fig and olive trees.

Ibiza is famous as the clubbing capital of the world and most of the tourists include clubbers, hedonistic youths inclined towards drugs and sex and even honeymooners looking for some action and fun. Some of the top DJ’s from all over the world have visited Ibiza and so you can imagine the kind of crowd that this place sports during such a concert.

Ibiza is warmer than neighboring Majorca and is a better choice during winters. Summers here can be sweltering especially in July and August. But this doesn’t stop visitors and they arrive in thousands even in the heat of summer. In August and September the average temperature can rise up to 30� C while the water temperatures remain between 25� and 27� C.

Ibiza is situated 7kms from Ibiza city and the airport is 7kms further from the Ibiza city. Ibiza is well linked to most of the European cities. There are different types of transportation available from the airport like taxi (takes 15 mins), buses, and cars on hire.

If you are in Ibiza then you can’t go back home without being a part of the nightlife. It is an experience in itself from hedonistic clubbing to DJ competitions; you have all of it happening here night after night. Musically, the nightclubs offer various genres from underground to rock, house, hip-hop, techno, R&B and the list goes on. Some of the famous Ibiza clubs include Privilege, El Divino, Amnesia, Space, and Eden.

Local beer
Ibiza local beer is quite popular and cheap. You can pick up a 6pack of local beer from a supermarket at �2.50. The favorite brand here is San Miguel.

Boy vs Girl
Ibiza is all about Music, drugs and sex and hence it is not completely a safe place for a single woman.

What to eat
There are some excellent restaurants in Ibiza that offer the perfect ambience, great views, and some of the best food. Some of the good places include:
• Dalt Vila: This place has several good restaurants inside an old castle and creates a historically romantic ambience.
• Along the Port: You will find mostly café’s, bars and fast food stalls in this area.

Some of the top restaurants include The Casino 'Jackpot' Restaurant, La Brasa Restaurant, La Oliva Restaurant, Studio Restaurant, and Can Den Parra Restaurant.

The beach
Ibiza is a holiday heaven with more than 80 beaches to choose. Wherever you are in Ibiza there will be a wind that will drive the waves for surfing and even snorkeling. Some of the beaches include Agua Blanca, Cala Bassa, Cala Benirras, Niu Blau, Playa De Comte, Siesta Playa; Port des Torrent, Es Canar, Sant Miquel and the list goes on.