One More Tequila for the Road

“One More Tequila for the Road” is the project title of Don Domath´s new book. Don is an ex-bartender who practised his trade in clubs and bars in Ibiza and Magaluf, Spain. Samples and small chapters from his book will be published on while he is searching for a publisher.

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Ash and Pete’s Eyeliner

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz put on the same eyeliner before heading out the door to spend the night attending “Vive Le Karaoke” at the Fall Out Boy bassist’s NYC bar, Angels & Kings. Wentz told MTV about recently being named to an “Unsexy” poll, “I’m just happy to be nominated. It’s funny, I got on People’s Most Beautiful list because of eyeliner, and I got on AOL’s Most Unsexy because of eyeliner, too. It was the reference in both of those. And I don’t really view myself as a particularly attractive person. So it doesn’t really bum me out that much. I have a mullet. I don’t care.” Simpson and Wentz were the spotlight of the night judging the karaoke performers by holding up numbers and determining the winners.

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5 ways to make a woman scream in bed

These one liners are guaranteed to make her scream. But unfortunelately not for the right reasons. I have tried 1 of them myself, the others were told to me when I worked as a Bartender in Ibiza and Magaluf.

Before buying her a drink: Think!

Too many times I have seen men throw away their money by buying drinks and cocktails to women who have no intention either go home with them or talk with them! Take some advice from a ex-bartender with these simple tips.

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I worked in various bars and nightclubs in Magaluf and